Red Hill Brewery Pilsner


12961717_504567309727419_7684715790222427287_n“Based on one of our most popular seasonal brews, this is an unfiltered, clean & balanced pilsner.  A generous malt character imparts a slight sweetness which is balanced by a potent hop bitterness, achieved by 3 hefty additions of hop flowers in the boil.   A cold fermentation period follows when plenty of hop are steeped in the conditioning tanks creating a floral and spicy aroma.  Golden in colour with a dense white head, you will be left with the hoporific effect of having the corners of your mouth go up!”

Served in a footed flute glass and pouring a cloudy straw yellow hue with a fizzy two finger head forming on top. It’s not retained all that well as it rapidly recedes to a fine layer with specks of lace clinging to the glass as it ebbs. The aroma is subtle and quite delicate but it offers refreshing citrus notes while a sweet honeyed/biscuity malt backing fills it out. We do get a bit of Saaz-like peppery spice with a suggestion of summer stone fruits also coming through. Perhaps a hint of fresh herbs as well. Really nice and summery on the nose. In the mouth it’s super smooth with a vibrant bitterness on the tongue. Co2 is sprightly as well. Nice and light on, making for a solid session beer. The palate opens with a gentle stone fruit sweetness followed immediately by a savoury honey/biscuity malt. The mild hop dryness develops early midway and carries light citrus notes and a mild spice through to the crisp, dry finish. Fairly good length too, it endures well between sips. Can’t really fault much here. It’s crisp, refreshing, light and uber sessional – exactly what we want in a Pilsner. The 5.2% ABV also hands it a bit more grunt than your standard Pils as well so it’s all round points for this tasty drop. Kudos Red Hill, another top notch offering to add to the repertoire.