Rogue juniper pale ale


Rogue juniper pale aleBought from Bottl’o Briens in Cronulla. Served in a shaker glass the slightly cloudy yellowy-copper pour constructed a standard head that fizzed out pretty quickly. Not a lot of lacing omitted. The aroma is quite subdued, we picked up some muted citrus and a subtle funky fragrance from the juniper berries initially. A vigorous twirl of the glass can only conjure up mild spicy notes, stone fruits and toffee. The mouth feel was quite oily, almost slippery with medium carbonation. Medium body. For a feature flavour the actual taste of the juniper berries were all but missing and we struggled to pick it up, we were hoping for a big burst on the palate to point it out but not to be. A slightly weak IBU (34) works through the subtle stone fruits upfront. A little spice comes in late in the mid-palate. Finishes slightly dry and airy. Not a really exciting beer, for Rogue standards this is quite low. Regardless, it’s a nice pale ale but we’ve had much better.