Slow Lane ‘Frozen Sea’ Baltic Porter


“Baltic Porter is a regional adaptation of English-style Porter by the countries around the Baltic Sea. Owing to the cold climate in the region, it is stronger than a typical Porter and is cold fermented with lager yeast rather than ale yeast. Frozen Sea is smooth and full bodied with a rich malty sweetness.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Pours black with a thumb of cappuccino head that slowly deconstructs. Good retention but not much of it sticks to the glass as it ebbs.

Aroma: Really dark and decadent but the fact that Baltic Porter’s use a Lager yeast means it still offers a light and somewhat crisp profile. Hints of chocolate powder, coffee and licorice mingles with the herbal and floral hops, slight earthy-ness, cherry and woody notes. Subtle toasty and nutty accents also starting to creep through as it settles.

Flavour: It opens with a big display of malt – coffee roast, cocoa powder, burnt toast and earthy/woody hops to balance it all out. All the while that delicate cherry with nuanced medicinal qualities hangs in the background. Getting mild ash around the mid palate then it shifts into a dry and slightly bitter finish with drawn out coffee and roasted malt on the back.

Mouthfeel: Pretty palate-friendly for its size (8.5% ABV). Smooth and creamy texture yet still kinda crisp and moderately bodied. Low-ish Co2.

Overall: We’re locking in on these guys. This is now our 3rd entry for them and we reckon they’re getting better and better. We really dig that they focus on European styles…not enough Aussie breweries do in our opinion.