Thunder Road Brewing ‘More of everything’ IPA


imageThunder Road IPA is triple the hops, double the fermentations. Loaded with USA hops and is 60 IBU. Citrus and piney jostle with biscuit malt to create a bitter yet sessionable IPA.

We must admit we have not had a lot of Thunder Road that we thought was amazing so we have high hopes here again. We pop the cap and there is some overcarbonation here which is initially distressing. Is this the double fermentation or going off? We can’t see a date. We press on reluctantly. Pours a cloudy dark copper with a 10mm head that fades quickly leaving no head. There is minor carbonation now in the schooner glass. Definite citrus and pine aromas, with biscuit malts..exactly as bottle says. There is a subtle sweetness to the malts on offer here. Maybe a bit of tangerine and grapefruit. Quite bubbly on the palate when you swish it around, with lasting bitterness. It’s a smooth drop and sitting at 4.9% it has a light to medium body with a watery backend which is expected. The sweetish malts combine quite well with the pine hops and it gives a bit of complexity to this session IPA. This brew is unfiltered which gives it extra points too. Overal, this beer is tasty and we could punch several down on a warm day around the pool without the fear of being enebriated.