Thunder Road Pilsner


26230850_796614927189321_8476735551936545689_n“Whilst this is a premium classic style that everyone will recognise as familiar, few could imagine a Pilsner with live yeast and freshness for 24 months or more.  Light in colour, full strength classic European design with a refined floral hop aroma and a hint of citrus.  This is a refined Pilsner with extraordinary prestige and character.”

Glassware: Footed flute.

Appearance: Clear golden colour with a sturdy two finger head perched on top. Steady reduction and some nice lace work as we go.

Aroma: Definitely has some traditional aspects to it. It’s a semi sweet and grainy malt base with a touch of honey and white bready notes in support. The hop bill is somewhat muted but we’re still able to pick up an earthy and slightly floral complexion with an undertone of spice, cereal and hay. Not bad.

Flavour: We’d say it comes on from more of a malty angle. Grains, honey and rice crackers to the fore with a bready/doughy note in the middle. A gentle bitterness is introduced before it rounds out on a sweet and slightly floral finish.

Mouthfeel: Not like most pilsners to be honest. The usual light and crisp texture so synonymous with the style makes way for a fuller and stickier feel. Still, it’s approachable and easy to put back.

Overall: Quite the versatile pilsner. The somewhat heavier approach opens it up to enjoyment in less warmer weather but still keeps to its light and crush-able roots. Decent offering.