Treehouse Brewing Co ‘Sap’ IPA


43763008_965037080347104_3456556191960793088_n“Our IPA brewed with Northwest American hops prominently featuring Chinook!  A pungent aroma gives way to a delicate beer saturated with hop flavor. Soft notes of grapefruit, sweet orange, pineapple, and young mango give way to a softly resinous finish making this one hard to put down.  We find Sap to be one of our most complex and intricate IPAs – We love it dearly!”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Hazy apricot/orange colour which caps off with a sturdy three finger head. Excellent retention and healthy lace work down the glass.

Aroma: Quite different to the rest of TH’s IPA range in the way that it’s reserved and leaning more towards the west coast style. Still plenty of character though – clean and crisp pine, citrus and orange rind overtones with passion fruit, melon and a somewhat nutty spice buried down deep. The base malt is light and semi sweet…keeping in step with the flow of the beer.

Flavour: Definitely west coast. We taste a big burst of sweet citrus, pine and assorted tropical fruits with orange rind and grapefruit bitterness leading the charge midway. Hints of that earthy and nutty spice coming through as it finishes rather dry, bitter and citric with lingering pine and mango in the tail.

Mouthfeel: Slightly harsher than their previous offerings. The 7% AbV and 80 IBU are noticeable. Medium body and co2. The texture is dry and bitter.

Overall: We know she’s not an overly bitter IPA but it’s coming across as one. It must be all of those super juiced up and low IBU NEIPA’s we’re getting used to. Looks as if we’ll have to start re-training our palate so we can get our bitterness threshold back up to old pre-NEIPA days!