The little brewing co. ‘Wicked elf’ pale ale


Wicked elf pale ale“This is The Little Brewing Company’s version of an American Pale Ale using imported American ale yeast, American hops, and Australian and British malts. Hops and malt flavour are plentiful in this ale, which is ‘bigger’ than most.” We are huge fans of Warwick and his team at the The Little Brewing Company”.

There are some fantastic brews and this pale ale is up there with the best of them. Served in a shaker glass the honey-amber pour aroused a fizzy 2 finger crown that maintains really well, gradually peeling off but holding at about 7-8mm. Excellent head retention which allows for some random webbed lacing to cling to our glass. We’re loving the use of American Cascade hops, the late hopping is definitely offering some big fruity and resinous notes on the nose. This classy aroma keeps on giving with wafts of marmalade, stone fruits, subtle spice, caramel and damp wood that are also here to be enjoyed. There’s also a faint hint of funk in here too. Very nice. in the mouth it’s oily with mild-medium carbonation. Medium body. The tongue is initially met with gentle malts, lemon and mandarin with an assertive bitterness cutting through. The mid-palate continues with hints of tangy mandarin and muted caramel malts which lead in to  slightly bitter finish with hints of grapefruit on the back end. Good length. The 5.4% ABV is well buried. This pale ale is surely on the higher end of Aussie pales, they mostly come in 4 packs and we have had numerous nights smashing these down so they are quite sessional considering the full flavour. Classy brew.