Ballast Point Brewing Co. ‘Dorado’ Double IPA


16299013_636769879840494_3149885756213108031_n“A huge, hoppy brew that will test your sea legs.
Our Dorado Double IPA immediately hooks you with massive hops that never stop. Mash hopping, kettle hopping and dry hopping makes this beer a serious hop lover’s prize catch. It’s an amazingly drinkable, award-winning beer that’s as beautifully balanced as it is big.”

Served in an IPA glass. Dorado pours a hazy honeyed amber complexion with a healthy three finger overlay. It steadily peels back to a thick blanket and leaves a dense, soapy lace on the glass.
The nose is so Ballast point! It’s fresh, clean, piney and citrusy with juicy oranges leading out. There’s a subtle but considerable entourage in the form of lavender flower, apricot, grapefruit and a soft aniseed-esque spiciness in support. Can’t get a great deal of malt….But it’s doughy if anything. Excellent job of hiding the booze (10%) though. Incredible.
Pretty dense and full bodied in the mouth. The booze certainly reveals itself a lot more on the palate too. Vigorous 90 IBU, lovely carbonation. Now she’s starting to act like an imperial IPA!
Quite an aggressive front palate. The alcohol burn, heady bitterness, sharp pine and grapefruit notes come on strong. It holds its shape well as it surpasses the mid with only a fleeting suggestion of doughy malt to balance. It exits how it enters – on an extremely bitter, boozy and citric note that endures a life time on the rear.
A good way to sum this up would be to take the sculpin IPA….and pump it full of steroids! This is big, brash and in-your-face. Definitely one for the experienced and adventurous craft beer drinker.