Balter Brewing Co Strong Pale Ale


29791909_837533176430829_8999891670434094788_n“Finding just the right option can highlight an already epic zone – like striking the perfect hot/cold balance in your shower at home, or using an iron to hit the green when everyone has teed off with their woods. The Balter Strong Pale Ale is another one of those plumb moments, for hop-lovers who want more than an American Pale Ale, without the grunt of an IPA.”

Glassware: American pint.

Appearance: The pour provides an amber glow with the head swelling to about an inch. It peels back to a healthy overlay which works a fine lace as it ebbs.

Aroma: Firstly we must make note of the brilliant balance being struck. Mellow hints of peach, mango, citrus, melon and passion fruit are offset by a semi sweet biscuit malt. We’re picking up an undertone of pine with some weedy notes as well. Really good depth and character on the nose.

Flavour: Again, well balanced with the slightly sweet biscuit malts taking the edge off those crisp and fruity hops. Soft peach and melon cruise through with a bit of sappy pine meeting them mid way. Citrus notes developing late as it finishes tight and tidy with reasonable length.

Mouthfeel: Crisp, smooth and well balanced. The 5.9% ABV offers a mild kick while the 45 IBU is well contained. Medium body and co2.

Overall: It seems Balter have hit their strides of late as every release since the IPA has got better and better. This one slots in nicely between the XPA and the IPA, giving the punters that extra option. Brilliant idea and equally as brilliant beer.