Capital Brewing Co ‘Springboard’ American Wheat Ale


29790535_837153563135457_5777301830859291104_n“Perfect for those afternoons plunging into your favourite watering hole or pool. This summer ale is deliciously refreshing! Brewed with orange, mandarin, honey & coriander seed. Pouring slightly cloudy & very golden.”

Glassware: Weizen glass.

Appearance: Golden hue with a soft haze. It offers a short white cap but still holds its shape well and weaves a fine lace down the walls of the glass.

Aroma: Grainy wheat notes initially which make way for mandarin, orange, cherry and peppery spice. Something almost medicinal in there, it kind of reminds us of Dr Pepper. Definitely starting to pick up some of the fresh herbs now – coriander, parsley and a subtle hint of oregano. Interesting.

Flavour: It opens with mild orange citrus, stone fruit, earthy grains and a gentle honey sweetness. Tasting some light herbs in the background as the mid palate takes on more of an earthy/malty approach. Spicy, somewhat fruity and grainy to finish.

Mouthfeel: Light on and effervescent. 25 IBU and 4.6% ABV – both quite uneventful. Very crush-able though.

Overall: Not entirely thrilled by it. It’s a bit dull and it just doesn’t seem to stack up against the rest of their range. The upside is it’s super sessional and rather refreshing. But unfortunately it ends there.