Monteith’s IPA


Monteiths IPA“There’s plenty of rich maltiness from this Pale Ale and higher-kilned malt combination. The Cascade and special New Zealand hops create a fruity aroma with a dose of bitterness to drive home the hop flavour. A beer for the IPA lover with a distinctly Kiwi style’.

The brewers series that Monteith’s have lately started, to us hasn’t started too well. Between this and the apricot wheat beer, it’s all pretty pedestrian. Served in an IPA glass the translucent golden pour constructed a fine one and a half finger white head with standard retention and lacing. The aroma is quite muted with light citrus fruits and grainy malts coming through. Slight hints of pine and cedar wood sit almost dormant underneath. The mouth feel is smooth with medium carbonation. Medium body. The flavour is just as subdued with subtle malts upfront making way for a fruity mid-palate. Slightly dry, bitter finish. 5.5% ABV doesn’t seem to have much effect. The only thing that saves this IPA is it’s at least sessional, other than that there is nothing exciting going on with the flavours. Up to you to try it, we’re not really pushing it. To us, it reminds us of a local contract brewery trying to brew a craft beer. Average.