Murray’s Brewing Co ‘Wild Thing’ Coffee Imperial Stout


16426240_641145459402936_7657261689471114023_n“The original Wild Thing beer has been transformed with the addition of 1000 espresso shots to a batch to create ‘Wild Thing’ Coffee Imperial Stout’. A massive coffee hit – intense, rich and complex with luxurious mouthfeel. Aromas of strong dark coffee espresso with hints of chocolate and toffee from the dark malts.10% abv.”

Served in a beer tulip. Wild thing exhibits a dense black complexion with a finger of brown foam forming on top. It slowly scaled back and establishes a wispy overlay that sheds a few spots of lace as we indulge.
It’s stated there are 1000 shots of espresso added to this stout. We believe! Coffee emanates in abundance here. Welcome scents of wild berries, cocoa, ash, leather, bread crust and dates add layers of rich complexity to the nose. Geez the booze (10%) has been hidden really well. What a remarkable aroma…should we expect anything less from Murray’s though?
The texture of this Stout is presumably dense, viscous and heavy. The booze burn comes through a little on the palate though, as expected. Quite dry, bitter and fibrous in texture. Wow.
Upfront the taste buds are in overdrive. Everything from espresso and chocolate to roasted malts, ash and molasses carry forward through a bitter middle that delivers an uber dry finish that’s pumped full of warming booze, rich roasted malt, traces of licorice and ash. The length on offer here is superb…there’s absolutely no tapering off whatsoever.
Even with our bias of Murray’s aside this is an excellent drop. We never had the pleasure of reviewing the original Wild Thing but if this is what is to go off then we’re almost certain it would be just as good. She’s packed full of coffee, roasted malt, booze, chocolate and molasses. Can’t ask much more from a Stout.