Red Hill Brewery Weizenbock


12120129_444766902374127_5496267447564639875_oEvery now and then we come across a brewery like this where it’s core range leaves a bit to be desired. Although what separates this Victorian brewery from the norm is its seasonal and limited release range. Beers ranging from your Belgian blond’s all the way through to their delicious imperial stout, complex brews such as their Christmas ale and to this Weizenbock. OK let’s get in to it.

Served in a beer tulip. The deep crimson pour reveals some even deeper hues of mahogany when held against the light. A modest finger of khaki foam is generated before it rapidly reduces to a halo with basic lace trails. The nose is offering decadent aromas of banana, chocolate, clove, toffee, alcohol, bubblegum, molasses and fudge. Terrific, really complex as it displays that perfect fusion German Weizen aromas with the toasty, caramelly features of a bock. Kind of reminds us of a good Dubbel. Very nice. The texture of the beer is velvety and surprisingly smooth. A slight alcohol warmth (7.9% ABV) adds a little heat as a slightly prickly bitterness reveals itself. The flavour profile opens up with caramel, banana and clove. As it progresses forward the alcohol really lights it up as it crescendo’s through the mid. A delicious toastiness develops as the initial flavours peter out, finishing with a slightly dry, roasty, caramel malty flavour on the rear palate. Well we’d have to say we are quite impressed. It’s not exactly on the level of Ayinger, Scneider Weiss or Weihenstephaner but it’s pretty damn good for a small Australian micro brewery. Decent offering.