Rocks brewing co. ‘hangman’ pale ale


image“Our American inspired pale ale is a bold flavoured beer, championing cascade, centennial and mosaic hops provides an aroma of citrus and pine. Biscuit malt profile with a firm bitterness leaves you satisfied yet wanting more!”

Served in a shaker glass the appearance displayed a translucent gold with a minimal half inch head that collapsed quickly. Hardly any lacing evident. Some suspended sediment from the pour is a result of bottle conditioning. Very floral aroma with hints of malty sweet and stone fruits such as passion fruit, pineapple and peach. Some subtle spice and honey add some much needed depth and dimension to the aroma. The mouth feel is super smooth with medium carbonation. Light bodied with medium sweetness. The palate is really clean and sessional with additions of subtle tropical fruity hops and a decent grainy malt base of Munich and Cara pils which is enough to balance the flavours out nicely. Decent length. 4.9% ABV. Overall it’s somewhat dull but on the bright side it’s a highly approachable beer. Light enough for a session and flavoursome enough to enjoy on a scorching hot Sydney day. Not bad.