Shenanigans ‘Gone Troppo’ IPA


imageInsanity and creation have long been riding partners on the duck of life so the choice was made to juice up this American style IPA with guava and passion fruit pulp. We note the use of Pilsner, Munich, wheat, alongside Topaz, Mosaic and Bravo hops.

Poured into a schooner glass we see an extremely carbonated clear golden body with large bubbles and a porous off white 10-15mm head that fades fast and leaves a sudsy cap. The aroma out of the bottle is juicy tropical fruit with the emphasis on guava and passion fruit. There is a strange metallic whiff also. Not sure where that’s coming from. Mild aroma of light malts only. First sip yields a mild body with certain bitterness of the hops on the outside of the mouth. Carbonation is on the high side as it hits the lips and tongue. Average length only. More pronounced flavours of light malts, very mild caramels, a lemony tang through the mid palate, with mild tropical fruits on the palate now. The aroma is much better and sweeter. More dry now and crisp. We note the Alc vol of 5.8% and we would have guessed this to be the case. It comes off as a session or start up IPA. Not a lot of lacing here as the watery aspect to the mouthfeel dominates. Mild notes of guava and passion fruit combining with clean light malts round up the tail. Overall it’s an ok IPA, one which we would have at the start of a night and then move on.