The little brewing co. ‘Breaking the cardinal rule’ Belgian IPA


imageQuite an interesting beer we have here. After briefly speaking with the brewer he informed us that this beer is a Belgian IPA. Really cool artwork in this new series of highly charged, high ABV beers too.

Served in an IPA glass the translucent golden amber pour didn’t manage to construct much head as it instantly collapsed to a film of foam on top. Average lacing. We’re actually quite surprised with the first whiff of the aroma, it’s clean and refreshing with big notes of pine needle, grapefruit, pear, musk and banana lollies. Underneath these crisp perfumes the sweet and yeasty aromas that are true to Belgian Tripels come through offering a great balance and good depth. What’s even more impressive is the 9.5% ABV has been well muted. Brilliant. In the mouth it feels quite oily with mild carbonation. Medium-full bodied. Initially we’re blown away at how smooth this is, the fore flavour offers sweet, malty notes with hints of banana and peach capturing a full flavour profile immediately. The mid-palate does slightly catch the mild 80 IBU’s with a pleasant drying effect as the bitterness moves forward and finishes with a hint of warming booze to round it off. Wow, this would have to come close to the most sessional strong al we’ve ever had. Packed full of flavour with an excellent balance of every ingredient. World class brewing right here, exceptional beer.